Your decision to engage our training organisation is applauded.

As an employer you are aware at the difference training your staff can make for your establishment as it assists in remaining updated with current skills and attuned to industry demands.

Training force has been providing accredited training for many years and due to our small but unique management structure we have ensured individualised relationships and maintained the highest of service standards.

There are many government incentives in place to alleviate some of the cost and we encourage you to discuss them with us.

For your benefit we have provided some helpful links that might further your understanding of the current rights and obligations for employers.

Questions commonly asked by Employers:

Why should I contract Congia Enterprises TrainingForce?
  • TrainingForce has a level of commitment toward its trainees that is renowned and our record of attendance is faultless.
  • Maintaining the level of interest through specialised motivational techniques and delivering training sessions that are both enjoyable and highly interactive ensure high attendance.
What are the benefits available to me if I was to take on the training in my establishment?
  • A fully trained workforce of Hospitality professionals
  • Building a high level of consistency in standards across the board
  • A more dynamic workplace
  • Increase staff retention by up to 70%
  • An increase in satisfied guests resulting in return business
  • Multi-skilled staff
  • Staff take their work more seriously
  • Staff will be assessed and performance monitored
  • Your establishment is recognised as a training institute
  • Up to $4,400(including GST) paid to the employer for each staff
  • registered on the traineeship
  • All training is outsourced to an external trainer
  • Improving standards in the workplace
  • Creating a professional, qualified and skilled team
  • Creates a fun and motivated working environment
  • Eliminates all training issues within the operation
  • All trainees are exempt of tax if you are a payroll tax contributor
  • No excuses for poor performance
  • Educating guests through skilled, motivated and professional staff
  • Further advancement of staff within the operation.
  • Regular training for organisations with time and monetary restrictions
How is training conducted?
  • Training sessions are calendared once monthly and are of two hour duration.
  • Employers are advised of the entire years’ training by November of the previous year
  • Training is heralded a fortnight prior its commencement each month as a reminder.
  • Trainees that are unable to attend and notify in advance are kept updated via electronic means (E-Resources © unique to Congia Enterprises) ensuring a higher completion rate than our competitors.
How long does the traineeship last?
  • This depends on individual length of service, their employment status and their commitment to the traineeship
  • Traineeships are usually of a nominal period for full time employees ranging from 12 months (Certificate II entrants) to 24 months (Certificate III entrants)
How much does this cost me?
  • Fees for training are dependant on type of funding available through the incentives and are invoiced following receipt of funds.
How is this program funded?
  • Commonwealth funding is available to you. For each staff registered with TrainingForce, up to $4,400 gets deposited into your company account over two stages: N.B (all figures are inclusive of GST)
    • $1,375 upon commencement (Certificate II)
    • $1,650 upon commencement (Certificate III,IV)
    • $2,750 upon completion (Certificate III,IV)
Do we pay TrainingForce for their services?
  • Yes. An Administrative fee is charged following your receipt of funding per trainee and depends on the subsidies in place which vary with employee status.
  • This payment includes the following:
    • The management of all trainee paper work
    • Administration work
    • Resource material
    • Training
    • Assessments
    • Trainee contribution (effective January 1st, 2004)
What if trainees leave before they complete the traineeship? Do I have to pay money back?
  • Trainees must remain in your employment for three months after commencement for initial funding to be deposited into your account. This remains with you irrespective.
  • Trainees that leave after the commencement probationary period and fail to complete will deprive employers of the completion payment. It is therefore in your best interest to retain your staff for the entire length of the traineeship so you get the full advantage of the funding available to you