Each of our subsidiaries is dedicated to providing solutions

  • * Training
  • * Team Building
  • * Specialist Courses

  • * Recruitment
  • * Ergonomic Fit outs
  • * Refurbishment, Interior Decorations & Upgrades
  • * Market Analysis

  • * Electronic learning

Analysis and Assessments

Workplace assessment, Practices evaluation and job designing for existing operations that are seeking profit maximization and increased efficiency.

Analysis of training needs enabling clients to identify, prioritise and plan development objectives for the enhancement of current employees or new recruits.

Consultation and Project Management

Consultation and Project management at various levels.

Structural redesign, e.g. fitting new kitchens; considerations such as ergonomics, safety and work flow are best addressed at the design level.

Refurbishment, e.g. targeting new markets; researching the targeted segment and its demographical composition would greatly enhance the achievement of the desired environment.

New business projects can be undertaken quite often by busy entrepreneurs and selection of tiles for colour shape and safety properties may not fit in the schedule.